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Beautiful Things (2017) | Biennale College Cinema

The Siren Song of Capitalism

Beautiful Things is a documentary-musical of machinic assemblage and desire, a rapturous becoming-object, a euphoric celebration of accelerationism, and a vision of the role of the human in a world dominated by our technological children....
George Washington (David Gordon Green, 2000) | art by Tony Stella

God’s Mistakes

In George Washington, David Gordon Green uses time the way a painter might use negative space—he shapes our understanding of what we’re seeing, not through a series of plot points, but by giving us moments that, taken alone, seem random or incidental....

Southern Fried Daredevil

Johnny Knoxville’s presence as a star has a lot to do with the desire of young men to test their bodies—not in rituals that prove their manhood, but in experiments that question its elasticity, its dexterity, its fluidity....

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Scene from Fahrenheit 451, illustrated by Tony Stella

Burn the Ashes

Fahrenheit 451 is often hailed as a dire vision that’s only become more relevant with time. And yet there is so little in this story that I recognize from the world around me....