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In this month's issue, we are thrilled to bring together essays that touch on themes of love, loss, self-discovery, intrigue, films, food and finding where you're supposed to be. Read More
What is the task of the journalist, of the homicide detective, of the artist? What are we trying to get to the bottom of, but can’t? Read More
Howl's Moving Castle | art by Tony Stella
In Howl’s Moving Castle, food is more than just a necessity—it sustains life, in every sense of the phrase: helping a body hold skin and sinew together, while acting as an expression of love and care. Read More
The meals in Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child and Landline are not extravagant as dining experiences, but they are meaningful as relational ones: small, comforting rituals that provide a moment of constancy amidst chaos. Read More
Harriet Andersson in Through A Glass Darkly | Criterion
Harriet Andersson’s contributions to Bergman’s oeuvre cannot be understated—her fearlessness about her body within a performance allowed her to create something both fierce and distinctive. Read More
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