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Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky (2001) | Paramount Pictures
Never have I encountered a more fascinating case of self-indulgence than the diptych of Abre los ojos and Vanilla Sky, two films identical in plot but divergent in story, one chilly and distant and the other seeming to have been shot from inside the most passionate depths of the director’s soul. Read More

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“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” -Stephen King I’ve never been all that interested in horror movies, which might seem an odd way to introduce an issue that revolves almost entirely around such films. Growing up in a devoutly religious family, I wasn’t really allowed... Read More
Force Majeure (2014) | TriArt Film
In late 2014, I walked into a movie theater at 9 in the morning to watch Force Majeure at a film festival in Belgium, running on a combination of jetleg and a strong Americano. The movie’s subtitles were in French only, and mon français est bon mais pas super. Still, I sat enrapt, dumbfounded and aghast. Read More