Minding the Gap (2018) | Hulu
Bing Liu's Minding the Gap eschews traditional narrative arcs, touring wreckage of the past—a past that is still driving and informing the present—and redefining cinematic language as a means to an uncertain end. Read More
Laura Dern in HBO's Enlightened
In allowing room for all the angles that motivate Amy, Enlightened asks us to consider the things that drive us, and ask ourselves: Do they make our fight any less valid if our hearts are in the right place?   Read More

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The relationship between Black American iconoclasm and French noir stylings highlights the contagious nature of social criticism itself, and the immensely broad potential for art and cinema to unite disparate but like-minded cultures.   Read More
Godzilla (1954) | Criterion
“Godzilla” is my personal shorthand for a feeling. It’s the fear you feel when you show someone a flawed movie that you nevertheless love, the pressure when you’re watching your best friend’s favorite movie with them for the first time, the rush you get when you find other people who share your fandoms, the conviction that your taste in media reveals an essential part of yourself. Read More