Episode #26: Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Adam Sandler and Emily Watson in Punch-Drunk Love (art by Tom Ralston)

Welcome to another edition of The BW/DR Podcast: Frame 25, a new series of monthly bite-sized podcast episodes in conversation with, and sponsored by, our friends at Galerie. Each month, we’ll pick a title from Galerie’s curated library and zoom in on a single moment to better see the whole.

This month: in concert with actor Taylor Russell’s library, we’re looking at the relentlessness and romance of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love (2002). A movie so pretty, we just want to smash it.

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(Episode artwork by Tom Ralston)



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This episode is sponsored by Galerie, a new kind of film club. Bright Wall/Dark Room readers & listeners can sign up now for early access, before its public launch, here.