Episode #43: Dune: Part Two (with Sarah Welch-Larson)

Dune: Part Two (2024) | photo: Warner Bros.


Joining our spicy all-in-the-family episode this month are substitute co-host Fran Hoepfner and special guest Sarah Welch-Larson! Listen in as Sarah, a long-time Dune-thusiast, absolutely schools us on Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two (2024). We get into: the finer points of adapting Frank Herbert, how all the Bene Gesserit are sexy, space gravity, Rebecca Ferguson’s jaw, the secularization of Chani, are thumpers biodegradable, and more. Special shout-outs to Sarah’s prescient piece on Dune (2021) and Max Read’s encyclopedic annotation of Part Two.

The Bright Wall/Dark Room Podcast is (usually) co-hosted by Veronica Fitzpatrick and Chad Perman and produced and edited by Eli Sands. Our theme music is composed by Chad. This episode is sponsored by Galerie, a new kind of film club. Listeners can sign up for two months of free access at https://join.galerie.com/bwdr.


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Dune: Part Two official trailer: