There are lots of sites about movies. Bright Wall/Dark Room is a different lens on film: no hot takes, no hype, no movie news, no clickbait, no “content,” no pop-ups, no ads.

Bright Wall/Dark Room is an online magazine devoted to looking at what happens when we bring our whole selves to the movies. It’s about the relationship between films and individual human beings, between cinema and the business of being alive. Whether we’re watching in a theater or a living room, we’re each just a brain in a body looking at a bright wall in a dark room. BW/DR is where we go to talk about what happened there.

BW/DR is also a gathering place for writers and readers who want to look more humanly at film. We’re your old neighborhood video store, the one you miss because the employees would talk for hours if you let them, riffing on films you’d heard of and recommending films you hadn’t. We publish work by filmmakers and cinephiles and film studies students, but also by comedians and novelists and painters and poets.

We seek out thoughtful analysis and wholehearted engagement. We’re a home for film writing that you won’t find anywhere else on the web: we’re not afraid to go long, to dive deep, to look close; to dig into filmmaking and film theory, but also to get messy and vulnerable and human, to explore nuance and mystery. Each month, we publish work around a theme, so we’re never slaves to the current release schedule or news cycle. We certainly publish work on new releases, but we also have the freedom to dig into all of film history: from Old Hollywood to New Hollywood, from German Expressionism to Italian Neorealism to the Hong Kong Second Wave. We also run longform interviews with filmmakers that feel like warm, human conversations, rather than hitting the familiar entertainment-news beats.

The goal is to engage with all that movies are, in fresh and interesting ways: with warmth and affection, with thought and care, with our brains and our hearts.

As more and more entertainment sites look for ways to maximize profits at the expense of writing and editing, there are fewer and fewer good homes for quality writing on the arts. We want to be one of them.

And we can (literally) only make it happen with your help and support, because we eschew all the traditional ways that sites like ours tend to make money. Because we believe there’s a better way. We don’t run ads or receive any outside funding; we’re 100% independent, and entirely funded by your subscriptions and patronage.

Thanks for your support! If you’re looking to further support our ongoing mission, you can do so here.


Chad Perman – Editor-in-Chief

Lauren Wilford – Senior Editor

Zosha Millman – Senior Editor

Katherine Webb – Senior Editor

Christopher Fraser – Operations Manager

Brianna Ashby – Illustrator

Tony Stella – Illustrator

Kelsey Ford – Associate Editor

Elisabeth Geier – Associate Editor

Ethan Warren – Associate Editor

Ryan Stevenson – Associate Editor

Fran Hoepfner – Editor-at-Large

Karina Wolf – Editor-at-Large



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