An illustration depicting Grace Kelly's character from Rear Window (Lisa Fremon) as a bust with images of the apartment windows she and Jeff watch throughout the film inset into her hair.
How might we watch each other well? Jeff and Lisa construct genuine mutual understanding by the film’s end. Their transformation is obvious, quite simply, in the way they look at each other: in what the camera shows us on their faces, in the miniscule recognition scenes Hitchcock offers his viewers. As they solve the murder together, they come to a fuller understanding of each other and the way the constraints of gender figure in their relationship. 
Jun Ichikawa's adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s short story, Tony Takitani, grapples not only with the inexplicable compulsion to collect things, but also with a difficult situation that most all of us will have to face, collector or not: what do we do when the people we love, the ones who once imbued these material objects with meaning, are no longer with us?