Heaven's Gate | art by Tony Stella
Ever since it's release in 1980, Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate has been perceived as a failure. The film’s narrative and characters are obsessed with the idea of failure. The film itself, though, is anything but a failure. Read More
Color of Night, The Last Seduction, Disclosure
A trio of 1994 Hollywood mainstream softcore films (Disclosure, Color of Night, and The Last Seduction) are each, in their own way, gripped with masculine fears concerning established sex and gender roles and the women who refuse to conform to them. Read More
Amateur (1994) | Sony Pictures Classics
The studied cool facades Hal Hartley’s characters put on, the way they almost play-act being criminals, the romantic fatalism that drives both the overarching narrative and the characters themselves: These are all elements that would make just as much sense in a Godard or Truffaut joint as they would in a ‘90s American indie film. Read More