We Are the Best!

(We Are the Best, d. Lukas Moodysson, 2013)

We are punks! I am punk rock! I am mad at you about how that boy in the dog collar likes you more than me! (But boys don’t matter and I like you very very much my friend so let’s hug on the train!) We are not a girl band! It’s Sweden, so let’s wear bigger woolen sweaters and have a food fight and make everyone stare at us in the lunchroom! I am mad at you for your nicer prettier face! (But punk’s about the SONGS, which have to be played loud on a Walkman in a bedroom on a single bed and have a FUCK OFF or at least an I feel so alone a misfit in the crowd of blond idiots!) I can’t believe this! We are terrible! I am mad at you for your better parents but my parents are really good but parents are on the toilet! (Parents fuck, so good for them I guess!) It is not about a haircut or a neck scarf, but it is, and with enough soap I can make spikes! It’s about rooftops in the suburbs and your older brother’s party where I puked on the records he put on the floor, which is so sad because he’s so cute and has such good taste in music! (It’s so cold!) I don’t know how to play the drums, but I am a thirteen year old girl and I am angry and I am extremely good at drums! Anything can be a revolution, and should be, if the quality of life is so high that there is hardly anything to complain about at all, except how strangers call us cunts, and strangers give us French fries and money for an electric guitar and so much so much candy yum! Stockholm! All girls need a rehearsal space to be with their only one or two best friends! We are anti-makeup! Let’s shake hands with my one bandaged hand from where I cut myself on the scissor slicing up garbage which really hurt and I thought I was going to die when it bled so much! (But you held me and now you know it does look kind of cool!)