Episode #6: Crossing Delancey (1988)

Warner Bros.


This month on the podcast, we’re joined by renowned pickle man enthusiast and Elaine May biographer Carrie Courogen to discuss Joan Micklin Silver’s intergenerational NYC rom-com, Crossing Delancey (1988). We chat about marriage brokerage, douchey literary parties, movie magic in a Papaya King, Jewishness and immigration in Silver’s oeuvre (watch her 1973 educational short here), the challenges women filmmakers faced and face to get features financed, and the incontrovertible hotness of young Peter Riegert. Swoon.

The Bright Wall/Dark Room Podcast is co-hosted by Veronica Fitzpatrick and Chad Perman, and produced and edited by Eli Sands. Our theme music is composed by Chad Perman.

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