Episode #30: The Cameraman (1928)


This is The BW/DR Podcast: Frame 25, a series of shorter pods in conversation with, and sponsored by, our friends at Galerie. Each month, we pick a title from Galerie’s curated library and zoom in on a single moment to better see the whole.

This month, in concert with Mike Mills’ curated list, Chad and Veronica look at The Cameraman (1928), reflecting on the impossible beauty and precision of Buster Keaton, bodies in motion, and the pantomime scene at Yankees Stadium that makes Chad smile from ear to ear every single time he sees it.


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The BW/DR Podcast is co-hosted by Veronica Fitzpatrick and Chad Perman and produced and edited by Eli Sands.

This series is sponsored by Galerie, a new kind of film club. BW/DR listeners can sign up now for early access: https://join.galerie.com/bwdr.